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Reward Points

Customer Reward Points

           How often do you see companies giving rewards for shopping at their stores? Sure, airline companies give frequent flyer miles, credit card companies give cash back rewards, but retail stores? There are not many! Well Completely Stainless is happy to introduce Customer Reward Points as a way of giving back to you, our customer.

         For every dollar you spend at Completely Stainless, you receive one Reward Point; if you bought $120 in merchandise, you would receive 120 Reward Points. Your Reward Points get placed in your account for you to save up or to use towards future purchases.

         If you have $50 worth of Reward Points saved up (1000 points), come to the store and order a $50 item, and you use your Reward Points, all you do is pay for the shipping on that item. The item ends up being free!

         Log into your account anytime to see the Reward Points you have accumulated. Use them anytime towards purchases or save them up to pay for whole orders (shipping is not included).

         We don't jack up prices to make up for these Reward Points either. Our prices are quite competitive, so your Reward Points are just that, rewards and a thanks for shopping with us.

         But wait, that's not all! If you use our "Tell a friend" button and your friend buys from us the first time they visit, they not only receive Reward Points, But you do too! So you earn Reward Points just for letting people know about our company! The only catch is that they must purchase from us the first time they visit, we lose track of them after that first visit.

           "Ok, so it all sounds great, but what is the bottom line, what are the Reward Points worth?"  Quite simply, your reward points add up to 5% of your purchases (for every $100 you spend, you'll receive $5.00 in Reward Points [100 reward points]). But, when your friend buys the first time they visit our site, you'll receive a larger 8% of their purchases! It may not seem like much, but it adds up to quite a bit of free stuff over time.?

       So there you have it! We are excited about being able to give these Reward Points. Our customers are special and deserve special rewards besides our super fast shipping and our expert Customer Service.

        Oh yeah, the fine print...... but not so fine: Reward Points; are not transferable, can only be redeemed for, or towards, merchandise on the Completely Stainless site, and have no cash value. Catalog sales are not included in the Reward Points program nor are wholesale customers. We reserve the right to end Reward Points or change the value of points at any time, but notices of changes will be emailed in plenty of time to redeem your points before any changes take place (be sure to keep your email address updated in your account). One other thing, when you cash in your reward points on an order, you do not recieve reward points for the items purchased in that order.

      Reward points are deleted after one year of account inactivity! 

Referral Points: You must use the "Tell a friend" button on our site and then your referral ("friend") must click on the link in the email that is sent to them to bring them to our site. This is the only way our machines can track who sent the referral to us and who to give the credit to. Your referral must purchase something the first time they visit the store in order for you to get reward points for any purchase they make from us. If they leave our site, and then come back at another time to purchase, you will not receive points. Once your "friend" leaves the site, our machines lose track of who referred them, which would be you. So in order for you to gain 8% of the total of their order added to your Reward Points, you need to urge them to purchase the first time they visit.

       Spamming using the "Tell A Friend" button will not be tolerated. Sending legitimate "Tell A Friend" emails to several friends or relatives is fine, but they must know you. Sending a "Tell A Friend" message to someone you do not know will be considered spamming. If you spam, you will lose all reward points you have accumulated and your ISP notified of your actions.

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